Frequently Asked Questions

1. Ok, ok, once more for the record, what exactly do you sell?

We currently offer, for pick-up or delivery, all kinds of cookies(20,000+ to be more precise), milk, and assorted merchandise. We do not sell brownies, pizza, cupcakes, baguettes, or calzones. We figure pick one thing and do it right.

2. Where do you guys get all of your dough from?

Every bit of our Baked! cookie dough is made in-house in single batches, exactly the same way Jared's mom made them. We use only the finest ingredients, including Double A grade butter, Grade A eggs, and Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chips, among others. There are absolutely no artificial flavors or ingredients in any of the food we bake.

3. How exactly did all of this start?

Well...way back in the spring of aught 5, a wise visionary by the name of Jared Schneider grew tired of the current delivery situation in Bloomington, and decided there should be more than pizza and sandwiches offered for delivery. He thought back to when his Mother would send him back to school with batches of her famous chocolate chips cookies, and suddenly, an idea flashed before him: What if you could get cookies delivered right to your door? Given the circumstances in which he thought of the this, he decided it would be best to wait on the idea, but it kept picking at him. You'd deliver them with milk, of course. You'd also have to give everyone a choice in what kind of cookies you wanted. He decided on Baked! because it summed up exactly what the store needed to offer. Brick by brick, stone by stone, the store as we know it today was slowly built.

4. Who the heck is Chef Smiley anyway?

Chef Smiley has been the driving force behind Baked! ever since the beginning of the idea, when the store was being planned. Without his devoting countless hours to perfecting all of Baked's recipes and formulas, Baked! would not exist as all of us know and love her today. All of his help and support have won him a stylized portrait of himself on the back of all of Baked's shirts and sweatshirts inviting all who read to come and get Baked!

5. Would you mind explaining this whole cookie thing again?

Certainly. For any quantity of cookies, pick some dough (chocolate for example), and then pick some "fixin's" for us to mix into the dough (chocolate chips and walnuts for example). We then mix up the fixin's into the dough, and then scoop up the dough onto a tray with our custom made cookie droppers. The whole thing then bakes for around 10-12 minutes depending on the store's temperature and humidity. Right after the cookies come out of the oven, we apply any afterbakes (for example caramel and Hershey's Kisses) and get the cookies into a pizza box.

6. What's all this sludge stuff I keep hearing about from people?

Every time we make up an order of cookies, we're normally left with a little bit of extra dough left over. We let this dough (known in the store as sludge) accumulate until we have enough dough to fill a pan--typically around 16 pounds or so. We then divide the pan into 1/3 pound cookie bars - known as a sludge bar. Yes, the name does sound a little off, but ask anyone who's tried them, they'll blow your mind.

7. Hey! I ordered cookies from you guys and they're not all the same size! What gives?

Everyone of our doughs will act differently in the oven. Some dough will stay where it is and get really compacted. Other dough might spread out some, giving it the impression of a bigger size. There really isn't any reason to worry, the different sizes are just an aftereffect of the nature of getting Baked exactly how you want to.