At long last, welcome to Baked of Bloomington dot com! If you've never heard of us before, definitely check out the FAQ's page, because, as you'll quickly find out, Baked! is a store to which you probably have never seen or heard the likes of before. On the other hand, if you have gotten Baked with us before, then welcome to our new online home, and all of us hope you continue getting yourself Baked in the near future!

NEW: Finally. It is here. Find yourself jonesing for some Baked!, but aren't living anywhere near our shop? Well, we'll run the cookies right out to your home, no matter where you are! We promise the cookies will arrive soft and fresh as ever, and if you really want them hot, just pop 'em in the microwave for a couple a seconds (and don't worry about hurting them; just say it's a tanning salon to keep up their healthy-golden-brown tan.

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